about cultiv8


We here at cultiv8 have one goal and one goal only. To create something everyone can be apart of. All too often we see people not being included in the things we all enjoy, such as fashion and streetwear, and here at cultiv8, we aim to change that. We want to create a brand that can be worn by any and everybody, any and everywhere, to be able to feed that worldwide streetwear culture. 


Cultiv8 is a streetwear brand created by a young aspiring Black artist and athlete who also loves streetwear. For the longest time, he had felt that there was always something different about him and his style, so one day, he decided to share that. Through cultiv8 we aim to share this individuality, the uniqueness of his, to create something that has never been seen before. 


Cultiv8 is a name that had taken a lot of time and dedication to create, because it represents some very important things. To cultivate something is to apply oneself to improving or developing, and with cultiv8 we are applying ourselves to try and create something everyone can be apart of, and developing the culture of streetwear worldwide. 8 is an angel number that means material richness, prosperity and success, all things that cultiv8 stands for and promotes. An 8 turned sideways is also a figure 8 or an infinity sign which stands for the concept of limitless or eternity. This is significant because cultiv8 was never supposed to be something small, it's supposed to be something that's bigger than you or us, that has a eternal impact on the world in the many years to follow. The site name cultiv8.us or cultivate us means, well to cultivate us or to build us up, as a whole, the streetwear community, the black community, every community.